Token Release Schedule and Rules for the Ecosystem

The platform will release AIRT coins as follows:

• Ecosystem Development:100 million tokens will be set aside for ecosystem development to create bootstrap network effects and invite interests from contributing parties so that a diverse and accessible community can be developed in the long run. In the first year, tokens distributed through these programs will be subject to lockups and transfer restrictions that expire no sooner than the first unlock date applied to investors and the development team.

• Development team: 150 million tokens will be vested over three years with a one-year cliff towards the development of the platform.

• Company: As the corporate entity that financed the development of the AIRTIST platform, the company will be allocated 100 million as part of its long-term treasury and bear the same lock up and release schedule as the investors.

Large and small investors before launch will invest in the project via convertible notes to be converted into AIRT tokens during token generation. All tokens set aside for conversion purposes to pre-launch backers are subject to the same terms and lockups: 24 months with a one-year cliff. Depending on the amount already allocated to investors, certain percentage of this portion may be up for sale through an Initial Coin Offering program, but these tokens will not be locked.

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