What is AIRTIST?

AIRTIST is a Blockchain-powered platform populated with deep neural networks (DNN) that allow users to generate their own computerised artists via GAN models. The platform uses large data sets and GAN algorithms to train a piece of software with associated data that resembles a latest red-hot artist or famous deceased master like Pablo Picasso and Van Gogh.

The resultant artist generated via GAN algorithms is an AI Artist or robotic artist. Using GANs, the platform can transfer styles from existing datasets and create new ones with entirely new AI Artists. Because users put in a lot of computational efforts and resources to train such AI Artists, the end products may possess tremendous potential value. This value inherent in AI Artists is transferred to the Blockchain as NFTs via a minting process. Therefore, once generated, users can mint their AI Artists as Artist NFTs on the AIRTIST platform, allowing them to trade these digital assets.

When trained with different algorithms and datasets, AIRTIST can create digital artists and artworks with varying styles and genres. Because an AI Artist is programmed to respond to user interactions by means of computers, users can always alter the inputs to create various artworks. And like AI Artists, users can also mint artworks to create Artwork NFTs.

Using AIRTIST, any participants can create and trade their NFTs—whether Artist NFTs or Artwork NFTs— on the platform and obtain token derivatives that can be exchanged directly. For example, anyone could trade an Artist NFT for other valuable assets on the platform such as prevalent cryptocurrencies or exchange it for native AIRT tokens.

Our web 3.0 compatible platform powered by AI aims to redefine experiences and streamline the entire creation process for digital arts and leveraging NFTs to monetise such arts in a seamless and secure manner.

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