MATRIX is a high-performance blockchain powered by AI. It has the following features that support the generation of AI Artist and the creation of AI Artwork:

1. Distributed collaborative computing

The MATRIX network is designed around distributed collaborative computing. Based on the evaluation results, the dynamic evaluation method based on computing power and network bandwidth used in the consensus process can dynamically allocate and schedule computing tasks for different nodes.

It also supports multiple nodes to perform tasks of varying complexity through self-organised collaboration. At the same time, with the network middle layer protocol, the MATRIX network provides a built-in mechanism to protect the intellectual property rights of data and models. Therefore, the MATRIX network can fully and directly support the distributed training and deployment of machine learning models.

2. Compatible with IPFS

Distributed storage is the most basic storage facility of NFT, and MATRIX currently provides IPFS storage on the AIRTnet. In the future, it can also be made compatible with distributed storage platforms such as Filecoin through protocol upgrades.

3. Computing power support

MATRIX provides a distributed computing power platform. The computing power of all idle miners can be used as useful computing power output. Together with other idle devices connected, this computing power will become the foundation for creating AI Artists and artworks.

4. Algorithm protection platform

MATRIX provides the function of confirming and protecting of intellectual property rights as well as the minting into NFTs, which plays a very important role in protecting the DNN networks of AI Artists.

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