NFTs have evolved into a disruptive technology, offering new opportunities to creators, artists, and other users of digital assets by not just reshaping the entire Internet economy but inventing it afresh.

NFTs of digital items can potentially change the way people create and share creativity forever. In a fast-paced digital environment, the ability to validate origin, actions, and authenticity is priceless. Beyond that, NFTs empower digital artists to create and share their creativity on their own terms.

As an emerging platform for creativity and entertainment, NFTs put blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies into practical use cases. At AIRTIST, we are delivering the power of the NFTs into your pocket by combining AI, crypto-wallet, and other web 3.0 technologies. We are unveiling a Blockchain-powered decentralised art platform because:

• In the brief history of digital art, creating art has largely been left to a few artists and computer scientists who has creativity and know how to use software tools. However, with the introduction of AIRTIST, a DNN can replace the roles of human artists and computer scientists. Anyone with the required knowledge, skills, or resources can use AIRTIST to create and monetise their digital arts.

• Many problems with existing centralised NFT marketplaces such as frauds, intellectual property (IP) infringements, thefts, etc., can be resolved by AIRTIST. As a decentralised platform, AIRTIST does not rely on any centralised entity to confirm the authenticity of various digital arts. Instead, AIRTIST relies on decentralised nodes that validate all transactions.

• AIRTIST enables us to continue the artistic legend. By taking advantage of DNNs, AIRTIST can be trained to learn or mimic the great artistic styles of previous legendary grandmasters, such as Van Gogh and Claude Monet. As a result, the world has the chance to witness the great works of these masters again. This is because we can see artworks on certain concepts and themes that these masters could not work on during their lifetime. In a sense, AIRTIST does not compete with existing living artists but to bring about a new universe of digital arts beyond human imaginations.

• AIRTIST allows users to fractionalise their NFT assets. With fractionalised NFTs, AIRTIST intends to democratise ownership of unique digital arts by allowing users to own a smaller share of it. Because the ownership history of the NFT is now split among the masses, the resultant liquidity increases, which reduces barriers to entry into cryptosystems. AIRTIST also provides economic incentives to foster the exchange of NFTs in a transparent, open, and secure manner.

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