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Quick Take

AIRTIST is an Al-based NFT creation platform, supporting a series of functions such as digital artist training, artwork creation, distributed storage, NFT minting and auction. At the same time, it integrates important areas such as NFT, Metaverse, AI, etc.

In AIRTIST, the generative adversarial networks (GANs) allows users to create their own digital artists using datasets from existing art pieces (in digital form) of contemporary or deceased famous artists. Once trained, users can then mint their AI Artists in software format on a Blockchain as Artist non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Similarly, users can also use their AI Artists to generate specific digital artworks, which can then be minted on the Blockchain as Artwork NFT.

The primary goal of AIRTIST is to democratise the creation and monetisation of digital art by leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and Blockchain. The platform liberalises the ownership of digital arts by allowing users to create their own AI Artists and artworks and using Blockchain’s inherent properties (transparency, security, and immutability) to store their arts.

Our mission is to decentralize the ownership of digital arts, allowing artists or novices to create, share, and monetise their creations. AIRTIST will be built atop two Blockchains: MATRIX for training the AI Artist and creation of AI Artwork, and Ethereum for minting and trading Artist NFTs and Artwork NFTs. The platform will be powered by AIRT— an ERC-20-based token standard that governs and incentivizes positive actions.

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